epay powers ‘exciting new lottery’ within multiple retailers



Through a partnership with payment processor epay, the Health Lottery (THL), an innovative new lottery game with a top prize of up to £100,000[i], will now be available through a multitude of national retailers including Tesco, Lidl, Morrisons, Clinton Cards, WH Smith and BP Stations.

Tickets for The Health Lottery are also available through e-payment terminals at over 35,000 independent retailers providing extensive coverage throughout Great Britain. THL partnership with epay ensures that consumers can purchase tickets when and where they wish to with full national and local coverage. Roger Kruger, Head of Sales UK & Ireland at epay said, “We’re delighted to offer The Health Lottery access to our network of Retail partnerships, particularly as it makes the game more accessible to consumers. We are proud that we provide a service allowing them to pick up a ticket in almost any of their local convenience stores.”

As payment processor, epay will act as an intermediary between customer and retailer, with their innovative technology and infrastructure making the predicted high volume of transactions possible. Retailers who choose to support The Health Lottery will not only be directly helping local health-related good causes in their community, they will also be opening their doors to a significant incremental sales opportunity. “All retailers with epay terminals are immediately eligible to sell Health Lottery tickets, this includes our network of independent stores too, all they need to do is contact us and we will take care of the rest,” says Kruger.

Tony Holmes, Sales Director at The Health Lottery said, “The launch of the Health Lottery is going to transform the lottery category as we know it in the UK. Our relationship with epay means tickets will be available in a wide network of multiple retailers, giving them a fantastic opportunity to connect with their local community, and making The Health Lottery even more accessible to consumers”.

The Health Lottery will be available to play from 29th September 2011, when players can purchase tickets for £1, choosing 5 numbers ranging between 1 and 50. Lucky ticket holders matching all five numbers correctly will scoop a top prize of up to £100,000. Any three balls matched correctly delivers £50, and any four balls takes home £500. There are no shared prizes, so even if there are multiple winners, everyone gets the advertised prize1. Lottery results will be announced every Saturday night on ITV1 and Channel 5.  


Retailers interested in selling tickets for The Health Lottery can contact epay on 0844 8000 233 via www.epayworldwide.co.uk/product-range/lottery.


About epay Limited

epay is one of the UK’s largest suppliers and leading innovators in payment solutions.  It was one of the first, and continues to be the largest, provider of prepaid mobile airtime top-up services in the UK.  epay also provides payment services at more than 150,000 points of sale at both large and small retailers across the UK (including Sainsbury’s, Tesco and the Post Office®).   epay works with the world’s leading brands (such as Sony and Microsoft) to make their services and products more convenient and accessible, whilst helping to drive more customers into the smallest retailers by giving them the chance to offer an exciting range of compelling new products. 

epay is a division of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT). For more information please visit www.epayworldwide.com.

About The Health Lottery

The Health Lottery is a brand new draw-based game where money raised goes to support a singular and popular cause: Health.

The Health Lottery’s game structure is straightforward, easy to play, and prizes are never shared. Players can win from £50 for 3 balls, £500 for 4, through to a top prize of up to £100,000 for matching all 5 balls from 50.

Tickets cost just £1 and can be purchased online and through e-payment terminals at 40,000 retailers across Great Britain including available at all leading multiple grocers along with 1,000’s of independent retailers up and down the country.

20 pence of every ticket’s purchase price will be spent helping support community health related good causes across Great Britain, helping everyone live longer healthier lives.

The Health Lottery is operated by 51 Local lottery areas across England, Wales and Scotland, each holding society lottery licenses granted by the Gambling Commission.

For more information, please visit www.healthlottery.co.uk