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Consumers are changing the way they pay. Prepaid and electronic ways of paying are increasing dramatically.

Consumers love the convenience of buying electronic products in many different types of retailers. epay is your solution for an extensive range of prepaid and electronic payment products.

You can offer the most popular, innovative, and profitable products and benefit from the best available profit margins in the market. Our systems are loaded with a range of unique products from the biggest brands in the UK

  • We can help you design the product you need for your business
  • We can design the merchandise and make the product real
  • We can integrate the product onto your own systems and with our backend technology
  • We can then provide full warehousing and local and international shipping
  • We can merchandise and provide full Point of Sale Solutions

To find out more about becoming an epay partner email: or call +44 844 800 0233 or fill in the form here

  • Mobile

    epay is the largest provider of prepaid mobile top-up in the UK. We work with all the major mobile networks.

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  • Lottery

    The Health Lottery is a new weekly lottery game with a guaranteed top prize of up to £100,000.

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  • Gaming

    We work with a number of well-known games providers giving your customers the chance to play when they want.

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  • International Phone Cards

    By offering international phone cards you can help your customers stay connected.

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  • Prepaid Cards

    Prepaid cards have become a popular choice for customers.

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  • Money Transfer

    Though epay’s sister company Ria, the third largest money transfer organisation in the world, you can help your customers transfer cash across continents in minutes.

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  • Gift Cards

    Gift cards are an increasingly popular product – epay can help you tap into this profitable market.

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  • Business Broadband

    With broadband and landline from 02, and with a little help from us, your business can stay one step ahead of the rest.

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  • Electronic Fund Transfer

    You can now accept Debit & Credit card payments in store with epay's new VX520 terminal with Streamline Technology. 

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